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  • Parental Empowerment: Parents should not have to fight to have a voice in their child’s education; they should be the ultimate voice in their education.  We advocate for competency-focused education, not social indoctrination.  The significant learning loss that has occurred in the past 2-3 years is too critical to spend educational resources on social experiments.

  • Workforce-Ready Graduates: We are not meeting the demands of the current workforce.  We propose increasing support for our community college system to help citizens develop job-required skills so incoming businesses will not “import” their employees from other states.

  • School Choice: We support school choice, including vouchers and opportunity scholarships, to offer options for families, regardless of income.  This spurs competition, improving public education.

  • Teacher Compensation: Teachers need to be paid more.  We support incentivizing young adults to pursue a career in education including higher salaries.  However, higher pay will come with objective measures of job performance.


  • Community-Centric: Local residents should benefit the most from incoming new businesses.  This will include expanding our community college system’s ability to offer industry-specific training at little to no cost to residents including flexible hours of instruction.

  • Accountability: We believe in monitoring economic development promises and withholding incentives if commitments are not met.

  • Fiscal Discipline: The best way for state government to promote economic development is to use discipline and restraint with spending and recognize that no more tax dollars should be taken from North Carolinians than necessary.


  • Support for Law Enforcement: We stand with our law enforcement, advocating for increased penalties for assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and fleeing a crime scene.

  • Enforcement: Laws have no meaning unless they are enforced and prosecuted.  Prosecutors should be held accountable for their duties including enforcing bail requirements and aggressive prosecution of repeat offenders.

  • Tax Relief for First Responders: We propose exempting spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty from state income taxes.


  • Honoring Service: Veterans deserve our gratitude for their sacrifice in defense of our nation.

  • Credential Recognition: We're committed to pushing for the recognition of military training by educational institutions and credentialing organizations to expedite veterans' entry into civilian jobs.

  • Support for Non-Governmental Organizations: We encourage state support for non-governmental organizations dedicated to helping veterans and their families.

  • Tax Relief for Heroes: We propose exempting Purple Heart recipients and gold star spouses from state income tax.


  • Opposition to Government Control: We reject government-controlled healthcare decisions and support a level playing field for healthcare access across rural and urban areas.

  • Opioid Crisis: This crisis must be taken more seriously right now.  This includes aiding first time possession offenders in getting treatment and aggressive prosecution and sentencing for drug dealers.  We must aid other states with ensuring security of our borders which is the main source of fentanyl as our federal government has abandoned this issue.

  • Healthcare Workforce: We support increasing the number of admitted students for medical and nursing school in public universities as well as developing incentives for doctors and nurses to not only come to work in rural areas, but also grow roots in the community.  The quality gap between rural and metropolitan healthcare needs to be eliminated.


  • Protecting Constitutional Rights: The right to keep and bear arms is a constitutionally-guaranteed right…full stop.  We strongly believe that restrictions on law-abiding citizens does nothing to reduce gun violence.

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