EDUCATION: Families and local communities should have the final say in the education of our children.  School should be a place of learning, not a lab for social experimentation.  Parents being involved in the educational system should be celebrated, not criticized or threatened.  Teacher pay must be increased and we must find fair and objective ways to measure job performance of our educators.  We must continue to work to improve internet access statewide to ensure that all children, regardless of wealth or location, have access to all educational opportunities.  We must find ways to financially assist students who pursue vocational trades that are in high demand and offer excellent pay.

HEALTHCARE:  Doctors, nurses, and hospitals are having to devote more and more time and money to excessive and often duplicated regulations instead of patient care.  We must ensure the safety of care but recognize that those on the front line of healthcare know better than politicians how to give efficient and top-level care.  We must all admit that the main accomplishment of Obamacare was to force Americans to purchase a product they cannot afford to use and the fight to improve this terribly flawed law must not be abandoned.  There has to better support for improving healthcare collaboration to end the disparity of access to high-level care in our rural communities.

VETERANS ISSUES:  The costs of war must include the care of our veterans after the war is over.  I strongly support finding ways for veterans to get recognition for skills learned in the military without requiring them to spend time and money getting civilian certifications for things they are already qualified to do.  This will improve access to higher paying jobs for veterans and provide an influx of highly-qualified and hard-working people into many occupations.  There are still far too many barriers for veterans and their caregivers to gain access to medical care, mental health resources, and home health delivery and, as a former Army surgeon, improving this for our nation’s heroes will be at the top of my mission list.

SECOND AMENDMENT:  The right for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is a clearly declared constitutional right.  PERIOD.

FISCAL DISCIPLINE:  There is not such thing as “government funded.”  All government expenditures are taxpayer funded and we must be better stewards of the money we ask hard-working North Carolinians to send to us.  If something is not beneficial to our citizens or completely necessary, we should recognize that the people of our state are the best judges of how their money should be spent.  A balanced budget should be the MINIMUM requirement and we should aim for a budget surplus that should be returned to the taxpayers of our state.

LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Police should not be defunded.  They should be supported and thanked.  Demands to reduce funding for law enforcement is often made by those who are out of touch with the realities of crime in our state.  Every citizen deserves to have equal protection from crime and violence and movements demanding defunding of the police seem more than happy to abandon families in high-crime areas.  I will fight this movement with everything I can.